About Us

About Us

Hi I’m Nikki, I have been an avid lover of dogs and cats having grown up with them my whole life. Early on this was Shetland Sheepdogs and lots of moggy cats. But over the last 20 years has focused on Australian Shepherds, a Birmilla, and of course I still love moggies.

I actively compete, train, judge and teach agility with my Aussies, so understand the importance and impact good nutrition plays in getting the best out of your dogs. But more important to me is having happy, health dogs that can enjoy life for as long as possible.

After doing a lot of research into various options, I decided that feeding a natural diet of fresh ingredients was the solution for my dogs. In doing that research I also found how excited I was about sharing that knowledge with other people and so Aussie Paws Nutrition was born. I have helped numerous dogs, cats and their owners find their way through all the jargon and continue to support them through better nutrition and wellness. I would love to help you too

To add to this extensive research I am currently completing a diploma in Animal Health and Nutrition.

Aussie Paws Nutrition is a branch from our business Aussie Agility which focuses on tug toys and other motivational toys for performance dogs. The ‘Aussie’ component comes from our love of Australian Shepherds which we have owned and loved since 2000. All our performance toys can be purchased here. We can combine postage/delivery just send us a note with your purchase prior to finalising payment.

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