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Aussie Paws Nutrition are pleased to be able to offer a range of dehydrated and frozen treats and chews. All our dehydrated food and treats are made here in Australia or New Zealand from Australian or New Zealand produce, so you can be assured they are of the highest quality.

Why Australian treats?

Buying Australian treats supports local producers and local jobs, but more importantly provides the best possible treats for your pet. Treats not sourced from Australia or New Zealand need be irradiated when the come into the country. Irradiation is a process used to sterilise or decontaminate a food to ensure it’s free of bacteria and pests. Australian quarantine rules are strict, which is good, but irradiation can alter aspects of a food including nutritional quality, taste, appearance, and texture.

In 2009 irradiation of cat food was banned after a scientific study showed a connection with irradiated food and severe neurological impairment in cats, in some cases fatal. Note this ban does not apply to dog food, however it makes us think it can’t be good for any pets.

Australian treats means that all our treats can be given to your cat as well as your dog, so everyone in the house is happy!

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