Raw Feeding Guide

How much Raw Food should I feed my Dog?

A healthy adult dog needs to be fed approx. 2-3% of their body weight per day, provided they are in a good body condition. However this is just a starting point and you need to take into consideration a number of other factors throughout the dogs life and adjust as things change in their lives. These things include:

  • Age
  • Body Condition (overweight, correct weight or underweight)
  • Activity Level (working dog, performance sports)
  • Health
  • Breed
  • Injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Climate – dogs may need more food in colder conditions as they burn more energy to keep warm.

The Food Calculator can assist you with this, however you will need to regularly monitor and adjust accordingly until you get the right quantities for your particular dog. We also recommend checking your dog on a monthly basis (weekly for puppies) thereafter, because things can change (particularly the weather), and your dog’s food may need adjusting.

Please ask our advice if you are unsure which meat and/or amount to be feeding your dog. We can advise which Raw 4 Paws will best suit your individual dog’s needs.

We believe that it is best to feed an adult dog two smaller meals instead of only one large meal per day. Puppies should be getting 3-4 meals per day. For more information on feeding puppies see our page Raw Feeding for Puppies.

* This is the daily amount to be feed, so if you are feeding multiple meals per day then divide the total amount into the number of meals to get the amount per meal.

Note this is to used as guide only.

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